Traffic pollution and the Lane Cove Tunnel

By Kate Schneider, journalist and UTS journalism graduate.

23 March 2007

Newsflash - Burney Tunnel Fire

These are pictures courtesy of the Melbourne Age and the ABC after a multiple vehicle accident in the tunnel caused a fire which led to toxic fumes being pumped out of the tunnel's stack. It shows how stacks pump out pollution into the atmosphere all around, not just straight up, as has been argued.

Dr Kearney, chairman of the Lane Cove Tunnel Action Group (LCTAG) says "The smoke from this tragic fire is a clear indication of the distribution of smoke discharge from a ventilation stack, and raises concerns about 'groundstrike'."

John Lee, Director of Major Projects at Lane Cove Council, agrees that these photographs show pollution doesn't just dissipate up in the atromsphere. “We’re being sold that we shouldn’t worry about pollution as it goes up into the air. The Melbourne tunnel fire is a good example that the pollution isn’t going up in to the atmosphere.”

By Kate Schneider


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